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Cummins Insite 8 + INCAL 08.2017

Cummins Insite 8 + INCAL 10.2017

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Cummins Insite 8 + INCAL 08.2017

Cummins INSITE v8, diagnosis software for Cummins Engines & ECM Units.

Cummins NSITE v8 Announcement

We are pleased to announce that INSITETM v8 is now in production. This latest version of INSITETM supports all new and existing Cummins engine platforms.

Cummins Insite New Features and Support
* INSITE v88 added support for these engines:
o ISLe4.5 – CM2150E
o ISLe5 – CM2150E
o ISMe4 – CM876

Cummins INSITE v8 added functionality (See Link for Details)
o Inactive Fault Code Reset with ECM Multi-Level Security
o Context Sensitive Help/F1 Help
o 30 Second Key Switch Timer
o INSITE Exit Confirmation Box
o Data Link Adapter Auto Configure

Cummins New ECM Diagnostic Tests
o Air Fuel Ratio Test
o Manual Fuel Control Valve Adjustment
o Aftertreatment High NOx Reset Test

Cummins INCAL 2017

Automotive Calibrations Data for Cummins Insite

What is INCAL?

The INCAL is a set of 3 DVD which contain the latest revision of ECM Calibrations. They are released and sent out monthly to INCAL Subscribers. Please contact your Cummins distributor for more information

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