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Iveco Power 2012 برنامج قطع غيار شاحنات إيفكو


البرنامج المتخصص بقطع غيار شاحنات وأتوبيسات الرسمية مش شركة إيفكو الإيطالية حيث يحتوى جميع أرقام الشاسيهات وقطع الغيار الأصلية والبديلة الخاصة بالشركة المصنعة . 
Original Spare Parts Catalog IVECO Power represents the new version of a parts book for lorries, microbuss and buses of mark IVECO (including army and fire machines).

Company ” Iveco ” (Industrial Vehicles Corparation) – has been formed in 1975 by association of several firms from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England and the English cargo department of company ” Ford “.

The program IVECO Power 

on one DVD is delivered, after full setting borrows{occupies} on HDD 5000Mb as can work directly with DVD or having established only a mantle or the data. The given program is one of the most simple and convenient in work on lorries. To work with the program, it is possible at all owning any foreign language, but nevertheless it is better to have initial knowledge of one of six foreign languages. There is a search on model, on VIN to number, on VP to number, under original number of a detail or its{her} name. Comparison of two various updatings of one model.
For identification of the automobile{car} last seven marks VIN are used

Iveco Power  

Iveco Power