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Knorr-Bremse 9.2008 برنامج قطع الغيار

Knorr-Bremse Catalog 9.2008


Knorr-Bremse Aftermarket – pneumatic systems of lorries, spare parts and repair




Knorr-Bremse Catalog 9.2008

The program KNORR-BREMSE contains the catalogue of production of firm KNORR. Are submitted the complete information on details of disk brake system, include repair manuals for pneumatic disk brake systems.
Program KNORR-BREMSE occupies one CD. It is possible to work with use CD or completely to install on HDD. There is a cross references, search by number of a detail, by original number of other manufacturer, by the name and group of details. Many details in program have the illustrations with the complete descriptions and specifications, include repair manuals.

 Region: All regions
 Languages: English
 OS: WinXP,win7
 Quantity of CD: 1 CD

Knorr-Bremse Catalog 9.2008