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يحتوى على كافة المعلومات اللازمة لقطع غيار سيارات وشاحنات وأتوبيسات مرسيدس لازمة لتجار قطع الغيار حيث يمكنك التعامل مع البرنامج عن طريق رقم الشاسية أو
عن طريق رقم القطعة
screen shoots
MANTIS 10.2015

MANTIS 2018 

The spare parts catalog MAN Mantis at installation demands presence of an empty seat on a hard disk from ~500 Mb up to ~1200 Mb 
Contains the full information on lorries, all regions, tractors and buses, and also about engines MAN. Demands the sanction of the monitor 1280×1024. 
For search of spare parts for the concrete machine it is necessary to know type (five signs, íàïð. F2200) and number of the chassis (four signs – 1001) or precisely to know model and updating of the engine established by machine as the program MAN Mantis shows on what models it could be established. In this version the machine is opened on VIN is essentially for such VIN as WMAT46ZZZ1M311016, hammering completely Vin leave on number of the chassis – T46-5728. In the program the information on lorries and buses with 80 for 2017 is submitted. There is a history of replacement of number, search under number, access networks. Accessories and tools. There is a search as a suspension bracket, the engine, etc. The MAN Mantis Prices for spare parts are on separate CD a disk. 


Abbreviation MAN – means Machine-building factories of Augsburg and Nuremberg. Firm ” MAN ” is based in 1915 and is one of conducting manufacturers of vehicles, including buses, and also components for their assembly (bridges, boxes of transfers, engines, cabins).


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