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Xentry DAS (Diagnostic Assistance System) – is the full diagnostic system for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. All functions for diagnosis including reprogramming, configuration, initialization, fault diagnosis and guided diagnostic tests are contained within DAS. All control unit software (reprogramming calibrations) is contained within the DAS software.

Developer is an extension to the DAS of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This extension allows in-depth manipulation of the configuration, data and programs stored inside the electronic control units of Mercedes vehicles. This extension is normally used at the factory in order to facilitate development and testing of on-board electronic systems.

EOL module enabled to program speed limit and max torque.

Special functions can be used without entering code.

Mercedes DAS Xentry 03.2019

This Patcher Can Make you installing Full XENTRY Diagnostics Last version 03.2019  Also i can help you by Remoting to installing full system

Also You Get With Patcher
WIS Standalone Offline Source Last Version 2019
EWAnet – EPC Standalone Offline Source Last Version 2019
Star Finder Offline Source Last Version 2016
SD Media 01.2014 Offline Source
Mercedes Price List Offline Source Last Version 2019
Vediamo Offline Source

XENTRY Activation

Activation NEW Full Full Parameters (It is a new generation of activation)
Activation NEW Developer Mode Key’s (New method)
Activation OLD Developer Mode Key’s (OLD method)

No Risk For Your SCN account with New method or old method or Full Parameters

Fix Missing Picture for cars , trucks , etc
Note : With New Parameter only, you will not need patch any file on system
Install Special Protection (For Online SCN)
Online Update & Lose key
Online Update 100% with SCN without any problem or losing key
Simple Software like on Original XENTRY Tab To Your Desktop

Patch New Security – XENTRY Diagnostic
Patch internal Error 3.91 And 3.XX Random Error
Patch 2221-45 No Access Authorization
FIX Problem Happen When Do SCN Online Programming

Fix StarkeyCenter doesn`t not show key and validation dates 5 2017
Fix AddOnCenter doesn`t close to a tray, and problem Shut down 5 2017


XENTRY Communication
SET Your Communication Settings Very Easy For Your C4 and C3
Patch BlackList XENTRY And DAS For Your Device And Switch Between Devices
Also you can switch Between Devices C4 / C3 / XENTRY Connect C5 / VCI / eCOM with Faster way and no needed Restart Computer
This Option will working good with Your Clone SD Connect Also

Patch DAS Standalone For New Key and Full Parameters
DAS Standalone And License BUS
You Can Choose Language View For DAS And SET IT on your Desktop
FIX Problem With DAS BUS License incorrect.
FIX DAS Error Zero Time Out
Patch DAS Simulation

Removal Password DAS Special Functions
XENTRY All Vehicles (ByPass)
From this Option you installing Simple Tool to your Desktop
To Make you Remove Password Anytime with easy way to use it
Remove DAS Password Passenger Cars
Remove DAS Password Truck and BUS
Set Active for DAS Prototyp

(164) (166) (169) (197) (204) (212)

Patch Offline Programming For all Version 2015 and 2019
FIX Problem VPO General Error For Old Version
Old Version of XENTRY can’t Programming online
but with this Option You can Make it Life agian and Programming
WIS Standalone
Patch TransBase Premissions
Full installing WIS Standalone
Get Full WIS Standalone Working with Easy Way
Patch EWA Net Session
Get Unlimited Session For EPC AND WIS
With this Option Session Never Expire With you
install HHT Object
HHT for PKW – LKW (C3-C4)

Patch Global App ID
Patch ID of xentry Message Queuing (MSMQ) Working 100%

Fix SD Flash Local Data
Fix Load Fault In sequence
Clear all sequence and rebuilding


Truck and BUS
Vehicle Speed Limit (DAS)
EOL For Trucks and BUS
Patch MR Download
Full AdBlue Patch For BUS & Trucks
Full AdBlue Patch For BUS & Trucks
Keygen for Adblue and Vedok in XENTRY


Full Backup with Automatic restore for System Folder

Check Virus on Windows if it infected.

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