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TEC DOC 1.2013 أشهر برامج قطع غيار السيارات والشاحنات الشامل

TEC DOC 1/ 2013

برنامج قطع الغيار الشامل لاكثر من 18 مليون قطعة غيار لجميع انواع السيارات والشاحنات فهو يحتوى على وصف شامل لكل قطعة غيار وبرقم المصنع الخاص بها مع صورة فوتوغرافية لها 




TEC DOC 1/ 2013

The spare parts catalogue TecDoc contains the information on 18.500.000 spare parts more than 380 European manufacturers, (BOGE, BOSCH, BREMI, CHAMPION, DAYCO (PUROLATOR), GATES, GOETZE MOTORENTEILE, QUINTON HAZELL, SACHS HANDEL, VALEO, VARTA, BOSAL, BREMBO, CENTRO and others).
Reception of an information on groups of spare parts, about labour expenses for replacement of spare parts, about their applicability and interchangeability on various automobiles, search of manufacturers, search of spare parts.
Convenient and simple in use, works under Windows 98/2000/XP. Quarterly updating of the data of the spare parts catalogue TecDoc allows to trace important for professionals of the market of autospare parts of change.

Convenient search which allows to find quickly the information on this or that spare parts. As a rule, you receive the exhaustive information on spare parts: a code of the manufacturer, an original code spare parts under the catalogue of a producer of the automobile, code EAN, the information on applicability and interchangeability of the spare parts, the recommended prices, quantity in packing, the information on the manufacturer spare parts.

حجم البرنامج :30 جيجا بيت

 Region: Europe
 Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish
 OS: VISTA, Win7 x32, WinXP
 Quantity of CD:    5 DVD 
 Date of update: 1/2013


TEC DOC 1/ 2013